Single Mum working full time and winging it like everyone else

I’m Alex.  Mummy to Eliza and full time Speech and Language Therapist. Both my passions and trying to do both with equal success. Giving my daughter a wealth of experiences and supporting her to become a wonderful human while nailing my career is my aim and the focus of this blog. I am not doing anything groundbreaking I know. I am surrounded by friends who are also mothers, some who work full time, some part time and some who don’t. All are doing an amazing job and what is right for them and their families. One difference for me though is that I’m doing it on my own. I am navigating  life as a single Mum. Something I never thought would happen.  So I want to share my experiences, fears, triumphs and successes and unending self doubt with what I know will be a supportive community of other working mothers single or otherwise.

So here goes…7E265195-54D5-435A-AAB7-8D464C044EAD