How Eliza gave up the bottle

So it was always the plan once we returned from Australia to get Eliza off the bottle and out of her pull ups at night. I thought what I needed after the three week trip to the other side of the world, jet lag and a stomach bug was another challenge.

I decided against a weaning programme and went for cold turkey. Again, because I wanted the challenge. Or maybe I’m a little unhinged.

The first night was met with the expected protests. I was woken twice in the night with screams for her bottle. That said, she went back to sleep relatively easily. Second night… nothing. Third night… still nothing. Done. Seriously, I’m not even going to follow this with a story of how four days in Eliza was looking through peoples bins or stealing bottles from unsuspecting babies in Tesco. Absolutely nothing. So basically my laziness and possibly some subliminal need to keep her as a baby was the sole reason she had remained hooked on having a bottle before bed until the age of three. And three months.

As for being dry at night. Exactly the same. No wet bed. I’m not a total idiot though, I do expect some accidents in the coming weeks, months even years but I must say I’m a little pissed off I’ve been spending £15 a month on pull ups for no reason!

The truth is she’s been ready for a while. I just haven’t had the capacity to address it. It was the same with potty training. I didn’t have to download any apps or songs. She just did it. I kept her hanging on though for longer than needed because I was preoccupied with my Mum dying. She had prepared us though, my Mum that is. She’d bought the potty and the knickers and the toilet seat. It was all ready in place.

If you are wondering why I am writing about this then maybe therein lies the reason. I haven’t had anyone to tell. To send a daily update on the dry mornings. Or sending pictures of my bottle free ‘big girl’.

To avoid any further musings on how utterly devastating it is that I can’t tell my Mum about these milestones I will close with an admission.

Eliza fell off the wagon tonight. Her cousin Angelica is sleeping over and brought her bottle. I’d clocked Eliza eyeing up the bottle throughout the night and wondered if this would be her time to relapse and had prepared myself. As we all cuddled in bed to read a story, Angelica let go of the bottle temporarily and Eliza took her chance. There was eye contact for the duration and as I gently prised it out of her hands she said “it was just one sip Mummy” before throwing herself onto her pillow face down, letting out a cry and then in true Eliza style it seems, moving swiftly on.

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