TFF island day care

That’s all I can say! Here is Eliza pre-clownfish day care.

Note the demolished plant bottom right. This she did while waiting for the club to open. Once it did she was straight in and I barely got a goodbye.

I bid a hasty retreat to the pool and a glass of Pimms. For $60 dollars a session (1.30-5) it was money well spent. For a child who is at Nursery five days a week she was missing the stimulation and mixing with children her own age. To be honest, had it been $100 dollars I would have paid it!!

We’d spent the morning on the beach and then at the pool. It was lovely. As she held onto me tightly and said “Mummy we’ll be best friends always” I was overcome with emotion. How lucky I was to have such a loving, clever girl. She went onto declare that I was actually Topsy and she would be Tim. A special morning indeed. However, seldom does this level of loveliness last and on our fourth trip into the pool Eliza splashed me for the hundredth time but this time I was blinded by a mix of pool water, sun cream and apparently waterproof mascara. When I turned her round explaining that “mummy needs a towel” she erupted and screamed the pool down. Sobs of “I want to go under the bridge” could be heard all the while I was experiencing searing pain and impending blindness and having her kick me in the stomach and other delicate areas. By 1.30 I was ready and I’m sure you can forgive me for that.

My afternoon went like this…

Finally getting to read the slimline book I’d brought. I also enjoyed watching a nice young man by the pool. When I say ‘young man’ I must add that he was of legal age but clearly younger than my 34 years. It’s nice to look though. When it was time to pick Eliza up I was anxious that I would be met with reports that mid way through the afternoon she had asked for me. Then I would have felt terribly guilty. But nothing of the sort, just a glowing report and this…

Testament to how well adjusted she is. A happy, relaxed child and a happy relaxed Mummy.

She’s booked in again for Friday…

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