The flight.

So I imagine you’ve all been desperate to hear how the flight went…

Well the first eleven hours from Manchester to Hong Kong was a dream. My Eliza surpassed all my expectations. She was the perfect child. Quiet, mild mannered and a pleasure for all to be around. Some of the comments I received were the following “I can’t believe she is only three, how proud you must be” and “what a great traveller you have there”.

I was beaming with pride. My hard work and supreme parenting skills had paid off and were evident for all to see. We practically skipped off the plane in Hong Kong. I was a smug Mum and nothing could break me. Another two fingers up to the ex-husband as I text him to give a run down of our perfect journey.

I’m not even exaggerating she was amazing. Not one tantrum. The flight was from 12.20- 11.20 though so every parent reading this can imagine what happened next…

Hong Kong to Sydney. Only eight small hours and I wanted to die. I actually considered pressing the call bell and declaring to the air hostess that I couldn’t in fact do this and would she please take Eliza for the duration of the flight. I cried. I actually cried at one point and asked her to do “good listening” between sobs and clutching onto my own sick bag during the endless turbulence. My perfect child who was by now sleep deprived was pure evil and there was nothing I could do. No amount of redirection worked. None of my meticulously pre-planned activities worked. When we hit a real low point was when she deliberately poured orange juice on the book and phone of the guy sitting next to us. I wanted the ground to swallow me up but instead I put on my most defeated look (I didn’t have to try hard) and apologised. He hated me. I hated myself. There was a lot of hate in Row 40 that night.

So in summary you can say it was a journey of two halves. The first amazing and the second totally shite. So you could say just a typical 24 hours in the life of a three year old who is kept awake for those 24 hours.

Pictures below of Eliza and I on the first leg. There are no photos of the second. That will just be etched in my own memory for all time.

Note the guys face in the third picture. He actually loved us. He’s lived in Hong Kong for 6 years but was doing a masters in sport science in the uk. I know this because we had a full conversation about it on the first flight over a glass of wine. Good times…

One thought on “The flight.

  1. This is a great read and one I will be following with great interest. Oz has always been a place I wanted to go to but haven’t got there yet so will be intrigued to what you do. You have gone through alot so go and enjoy yourselves.


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