The start of our adventure

So the start of our actual adventure dates back to the 15th of November 2016 when my world as I knew it fell apart. Eliza and I moved back to Yorkshire. I started a new job. We moved into our first home as a pair rather than a trio and embarked on a new life together that looked like it was going to be pretty steady. Until September 2017 when my world really did fall apart.

Up until that time I truly thought that going through a divorce was the worst thing that could happen to me but it was nothing compared to losing my Mum. Didn’t even scratch the surface.

It turns out the divorce was a blessing. What I’ve traded for an unhappy marriage is an exciting new life with Eliza and the possibility of finding a new ‘someone’ I can invite in to share it with us one day. For now though we are happy on our own and although what comes with that is fear and yes, loneliness sometimes, I really think that we are not only ‘making the best’ of this new life but we are actually living it to it’s fullest. It’s very easy to get bogged down with work and daily life and forget that we must step outside our comfort zone to live that best life that everyone seems to be referring to. That thought brings me to the purpose of this post. To announce the start of our travelling adventure which has taken some planning and saving but it’s finally here. The start of our adventures around the world together. Just Mummy and Eliza.

First stop… Australia

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